From power point installations in your Melbourne home to security cameras for your business, Nano will get the job done. Get smart about electricity with Nano.

Solar Power

At Nano, we believe renewable energy is the way of the future, that’s why we have become specialists in solar panel installations. Harness the power of the sun with solar cells that convert light energy into electricity.

Whats the Point of Solar Power?

  • Free electricity that will reduce or eliminate your electricity bills altogether
  • Clean power which does no damage to the environment
  • Increases the value of your home or business
  • Solar panel installation comes with large government rebates

Home Technology

Update the electrical systems in your home with Nano. Our experienced electricians will be able to advise you on the latest technology and intelligent new systems that will make your life more comfortable and convenient. Whether you want to revolutionise your system with smart wiring or install anything from a security camera to the humble power point; Nano have got you covered.

At Nano Electrical, we specialize in a great range of electrical services to suit you. There’s no task too big to tackle, and we welcome even the smallest of projects too.

Solar Panels

Go clean and green when you install solar panels with Nano. Do your bit for the environment, eliminate electricity bills and take advantage of the government rebates by investing in a solar panel system for your Melbourne home. We can install individual panels or an entire grid to service your neighborhood.

Home Automation

Access all the electrical systems in your Melbourne home from one convenient platform. Control your security camera, as well as lighting, heating, ventilation and other appliance functionality with the touch of a button.

Smart Wiring

Modernise your electrical system with smart wiring. Streamline all of your wiring systems into one simple platform with a capacity to add other systems later on. Plan for the future with smart wiring.

Home Networking

Whether you work from home and want to synchronise the hardware in your office or are modern Melbourne family looking to have all your laptops, printers and phones working together, our home networking services will come in handy. We will install, program, and link together all of your devices. Further boost the efficiency of your home network with smart wiring.


Peace of mind is important, the security of your property and loved ones is even more so. Nano has a range of physical and digital security systems for your Melbourne home or business including security camera and alarm installations that alert the authorities immediately.

Multi-Room Audio

Get your sound system on point with the latest audio engineering technology installed by our qualified electricians.

Ducted Vacuum

Ducted vacuum installations remove dust and debris from the air in your home or business and prevent them from recirculating. This is a great product for those with asthma or other lung problems.

General Light and Power

From attic to basement rewiring to installing the humble power point; Nano is here to help.


From Wi-Fi installations to compatibility issues, we’ll get your network running smoothly.


Whether you want help installing a new television, need a new power point to plug it in, or want to connect it to your smart wiring network; we’ll get the job done.

Home Theatre

Transform your Melbourne living room into a movie theatre by having Nano install surround sound, Blu-Ray players, and even the new power point you’ll need to plug it all in.

Security Camera (CCTV)

Security is everything, Nano’s security camera installations will help you sleep better at night. Whether you want a security camera at the front of your house or a whole system of cameras throughout your business, Nano has the experience and expertise to install a security camera system tailored to your needs.


Further improve the security of your Melbourne home or business by installing an exterior alarm or an interior panic button that will alert the authorities immediately.

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